Solutions for Individual Borrowers

by admin on October 18, 2014

TD Bank offers the full suite of borrowing tools, investments, and banking products for institutional clients, small and large businesses, and individual customers. Individual and business clients are offered lines of credit, commercial mortgages, and small business financing. Toronto-Dominion offers consumer cards with airmiles and rewards, cash rebates, and free additional cards. Customers redeem their points and miles for statement credits, travel, gift cards, and merchandise. Points can be redeemed for accessories and unique experiences such as private tennis lessons, culinary tours, private cooking lessons, skydiving, flying a helicopter, and hot air balloon rides. Points can be exchanged for electronics, house and home accessories, sports and leisure, and more. Participating retailers feature electronics such as TVs, readers and tablets, computers and computer accessories, cam recorders and cameras, and other products. Customers use their points toward brand name luggage and bags, backpacks, and travel accessories. Clients are offered a selection of small appliances, including

  • travel hairdryers,
  • vacuum cleaners,
  • allergen eliminators, and others.

Consumer credit cards also go with free supplementary cards, credit limits of $500 to $5,000, zero intro APR, welcome bonuses, and other extras. In addition to flexible redemption options, customers benefit from annual fee waivers, no annual fees, and low APR based on credit rating. The bank even offers the option to deposit and convert miles. Some customers choose to donate their miles to charitable organizations such as the Bear Valley Rescue Society and Air Canada Foundation. Customers enjoy plenty of added benefits such as access to special and dining events, getaways, and culinary programs. The bank offers other specialty cards like TD Infinite Visa. The choice of card depends on preferred features and credit limit, lifestyle, and credit profile. Gift and prepaid cards are also available, including reloadable and non-reloadable options. Gift cards go with large limits of up to $750.


Toronto-Dominion features several cards for business customers, going with no point limits, travel assistance, and other perks. In addition to aeroplan cards, customers are offered the  Venture Line of Credit Visa. Businesses can choose from a selection of itineraries, departures, and cruises. Clients choose from different redemption ranges, and 250,000 points equal $3,501 to $3,000.

A Range of Services: Toronto-Dominion features a selection of commercial and consumer products, from personal loans to cross-border banking.

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BMO offers a wealth of financial products to existing and new customers, including travel and financial planning services, investment vehicles, loans, LOCs, and credit cards. Credit cards are of several types, standard, affinity, and rewards cards with points toward charitable donations, theatre and events tickets, products, and more.

Loyalty Programs

The Bank of Montreal features rewards points that can be used toward electronics, accessories, fashion and clothing, and more. Customers choose from different categories, including floor care, tools, home décor, luggage and business accessories, sports and leisure, and others. Some gift cards, for example, require 15,000 rewards points while a sleeping bag requires 30,000 points. The BMO MasterCard is one option for bank customers, and points can be used toward accommodation, flights, and more. Customers with a minimum household and individual income of $120,000 and $70,000, respectively, meet the criteria. This is a premium travel card that features welcome points and unlimited rewards, with no seat or other restrictions. This card is ideal for frequent travel, whether abroad or at home, and points can be used toward airfare, including fees and charges.

A Selection of Cards

In addition to rewards points, the Bank of Montreal offers a selection of financial products with cashback, no annual fees, no interest charges, and others. Some cards are ideal for high spenders while others are offered to customers who need a U.S. dollar card. The bank also offers a prepaid option to permanent residents, and the main benefit is the low annual fee. Other fees apply, however, including fees on cash-like transactions such as lottery tickets, wire transfers, race track wagers, money orders, off-track betting, travelers checks, casino chips, and foreign currency. Student credit cards are also available and feature cash back, airmiles, welcome bonuses, and no annual fees. Student cards feature generous discounts and points toward travel, gifts, merchandise, and theatre tickets. The bank also offers affinity cards that are designed for customers who support different causes. Affinity cards support causes such as community and education and establishments like the Canadian Scholarship Trust Foundation and Canadian Art Foundation. The BMO Edvantage MasterCard, for example, is one option that allows customers to choose from different loyalty programs, including cashback, no fee cashback, no fee airmiles, and airmiles. With some affinity cards, the bank requires minimum income of $100,000 for households and $60,000 for individual customers, but there are plenty of benefits, including 21 grace days and cash rebates. Another option is the BMO Canadian Red Cross MasterCard which goes with an interest rate of 19.9 percent, vehicle coverage, and free additional cards. Other types of affinity cards are the Support Our Troops MasterCard, MADD Canada, and Calgary Zoo MasterCard.

Business Offers

The Bank of Montreal offers credit cards that are specially designed for business customers. Several types of business cards are available, including preferred rate, U.S. dollar, cashback, and airmiles cards. Customers choose from different MasterCard options with exclusive earn rates, roadside assistance, rebates, and more.

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