Airmiles, Rewards, and Other Cards

by admin on March 30, 2014

Different stores offer brand cards to attract new customers and increase their sales volume. There are benefits and perks for holders, including savings on big-ticket items and one-time purchases. Walmart credit card usually offer a higher interest rate but there are some benefits to using them. Their stores feature cards with cash back, discounts, and other

Issuers offer different types of cards with low interest rates, balance transfer options, no annual fees, and other features. The choice of credit cards depends on factors such as annual household income, debt to income ratio, and others. Borrowers with an excellent credit score are offered cards with added perks and higher credit limits. Clients can choose from cards with different bonus categories, free hotel nights and airfare, generous signup bonuses, and bonus miles that can be redeemed for lodging and accommodation, free flights, gas, and more. Customers redeem their bonus points for name-brand merchandise and other items. Some card issuers also offer a fee waiver during the first year so that customers save on annual fees. Other beneficial features include:

  • no foreign transaction fees,
  • zero percent on balance transfers,
  • low introductory interest rates, and more.

Holders earn points while dining at restaurants and traveling. There are different factors to consider when applying for a credit card, including your spending habits, the interest rate, grace period, and others. If you have a favorite store or department store and make frequent purchases, a specialty card is a good option. Students who study abroad and customers who are frequent travelers go for rewards and airmiles cards. There are many benefits and hidden perks that customers are not aware of, including trip cancelation insurance, lost luggage insurance, and others. Other perks include guaranteed returns, preferred seating and car-buying and rewards programs.

The cards have two options for borrowers with a history of foreclosures and late and missed payments. There are benefits to using a secured card, and one is that the borrower’s payments are reported to the credit bureaus. Making timely payments over a certain period helps holders to improve their credit scores. Customers are required to make a security deposit that serves as a guarantee against default. The interest rate and credit limit vary from one lender to another. There are some downsides as well, and one is that some issuers charge annual, processing, and application fees that increase the cost of borrowing.

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