How a Condo Can Look Luxurious on a Budget

by admin on April 24, 2012

No, a luxury budget condo actually isn’t an oxymoron. Luxury is not the same as throwing money at the latest, most expensive furnishings that you have heard are in style. You might have been to Canadian homes like this. Obviously, the owners are wealthy and proud of it, so they stacked the home with every luxury item you can think of – an African-inspired decorative art piece standing atop a rich, plush Persian carpet and other examples of overdoing it from an aesthetic viewpoint. Luxury is style, luxury is elegance, and as we know, those are two things that cannot be bought.

The first step is knowing just how much space you really have at your disposal. You should therefore take measurements. This must be done so that you have at least a rough idea of the size before you go out to get furniture. Nothing is more frustrating than being delivered the wardrobe of your dreams and finding out that it can’t fit through the door. You have probably been to homes where you could barely keep from asking the owners how a given piece of furniture actually fit in there. It was not easy, they’d say with a sigh. 

Everything is a matter of proportion. Do not get a huge dining table flanked by six toddler-size stools. Luxury is synonymous with balance. This means your furnishings should have a healthy relationship to form an elegant whole. You can opt for either symmetrical or asymmetrical balance. Symmetry is easier to achieve – all you need is two of everything. Asymmetry is used to express visual motion and excitement. It is harder to achieve. Asymmetry means having all your furnishings in two colors – a tiny splash of black and the rest predominantly white, or in terms of decorations, having two candles very different in size next to each other.

Having plants all over your condo will brighten the atmosphere, lift your mood, and make your living space look luxurious. You can grow flowering plants or buy exotic flowers like oriental lilies, violet calla lilies, or orchids. Exotic flowers send a message of rare beauty, style, and adventure.

Finally, adding sconces to your living space is a great idea. You can mount them on the walls for warm ambience and more subtle illumination. They complement the décor, finish the space, and bring human scale to any room, points Joe Rey-Barreau, interior design professor at the University of Kentucky.

What is best about all these tips? They are easy to implement – first of all, you do not need to be a master of the art of Feng Shui or an expert on classical Western interior design. Next, you do not need to make 10Gs a month or to borrow on your credit line to utilize them. And that is the most important advantage of all!

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