Smart Ways to Save Money on Gas

by admin on November 23, 2011

US tourists who come to Canada think that gas is cheaper than back home. Not really true – they compare gas prices per gallon, but in this metri-cized country, it is measured in litres. The reality is that in Canada, gas is still around $2 more per US gallon (Market Watch). And while crossing the border to fill up your tank may be out of question, there are some ways to save money on gas.

One way to save on gas is to park further way rather than circle around to find the perfect parking spot. Eventually, you end up settling for one at the back. Walking to get to the mall or store may look like a waste of time, but it’s definitely not a bad thing. Try to park in the shade if possible. Why? When your car is cool, you will not be tempted to turn on the air conditioning. Less gas will evaporate from your car’s tank, which turns into savings. You may want to buy a shade for your tinting and windshield to save even more.

If you shop from your home, this is one more way to save money on gas. Look for free shipping deals and you will find plenty. By shopping online, your car spends more time in the driveway. If you must go out, however, be sure to check the traffic report. You will need more gas if you spend long hours sitting in traffic; so, it pays to look at the traffic report before going out (

This is not all you can do. According to statistics, nearly 1 in 4 cars is in need of an air filter replacement. Your gas mileage will improve by up to 10 percent when you have the old filter replaced by a clean air filter. What does this mean in terms of cost savings? You save 20 cents per gallon. You probably don’t think of poor alignment as a reason to spend more on gas, but only as a cause for tires to wear out quicker. However, this makes your car’s engine work harder. You will save up to 10 percent on gas by aligning the tires. Speaking of tires, over one forth of cars has deflated tires. A loss of close to 3 percent in fuel efficiency is caused by an under-inflation of 7.5 pounds. You will save 6 cents a gallon by inflating the tires. Now, do you remember when the last tune up was? Your mileage will improve by up to 4 percent if your engine is property maintained. So, you save 8 cents per gallon taking care of this. Finally, make sure you check your gas cap. This may come as a surprise, but close to 17 percent of vehicles on the road have missing or broken gas caps. This may not sound like a big deal, unless you care about environment, with escaping fumes releasing smog-causing compounds. However, if you replace the gas cap, you will improve the fuel mileage as well (the Daily Green).

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